Filsø lake, Henne, Denmark



One of Denmark’s largest nature restorations

 Around 160 years ago Filsø was 5.400 acres and the second largest freshwater lake in Denmark and an important foraging wetland for thousands of migrating waterfowl, such as swans, geese and ducks. The area was popular with hunters and artists like Johannes Larsen in the late 19th century. Later the low-bottomed lake was drained for agricultural land from the 1850’ to 1950 when the lake almost totally disappeared.


In 2012 the farmland was acquired buy Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation. The nature conservation foundation took on the immense task of restoring 2.200 acres freshwater lake together with 750 acres of wet meadows, heaths, and marshland. Thus returning half of the original lake to nature.

Since nature has gradually reclaimed the area and flora and fauna is again flourishing. Sea eagles are nesting close to the lake and other rare birds such as gull-billed tern and spoonbill can be spotted on the lake. To facilitate the experience of the reconstructed nature. Aage V. Jensen has created new pathways and bird watching towers around the lake. From the Petersholm Tower you can often see grazing herds of the numerous wild red deer that populate the area.

In early summer late spring it is possible to see rare Nordic orchids in Vrøgum Moorland on the south-side of the lake. On the east side you can walk in the treetops of 300 year old oak trees that appear to be bushes, as the trees are submersed in sand dunes that have drifted and covered the main part of the trees so only the tops of the trees are visible and still growing.

The remaining manor house of the original farming estate now offers B&B accommodation on the new lakes shore.









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