Henne Mølle Å Badehotel, Henne, Denmark


Henne Mølle Å Badehotel, Henne, Denmark

Secluded sea-side hotel with design heritage

Danish architect Poul Henningsen, known by his initials, ”PH” was obsessed with creating a 100% glare free light by reflecting and baffling the light rays from the electric bulb to achieve a uniform and harmonious illumination. He is the world-renowned creator of the lamp series carrying his initials produced by Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen. He can be said to be the world’s first and greatest lighting architect, and is one of the icons of 20. Century Danish design. For a short period at the beginning of WWII, he was the head architect of the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. A lesser-known fact is that he also practiced functionalistic architecture. One of the few remaining examples of this is a small gem of a secluded seaside hotel. The badehotel is set in a spectacular natural setting, hidden between the dunes at the end of a 4-kilometer long gravel road through a beautiful, protected heath area in the Danish North Sea Nature Park near Henne Strand. Today the hotel offers quiet, secluded and affordable accommodation and dining with 20th Century Danish Design Heritage. A weekend break, one night with breakfast and aperitif, three course meal and coffee and handmade chocolates only costs from €133 per person. hmb44 hmb 99 hmb 88hmb24

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