Nymindegab Museum, Nymindegab, Denmark


Nymindegab Museum

Late 19th Century artist colony paired with cultural history

The rugged Jutland West Coast nature with its special natural light and harsh living conditions attracted many of Denmark’s famous artists of the late 19th and early 20th Century. They painted outdoors plein air so that they could capture the vivid light and colors directly on canvas. The best known artist colony of the era was at the top of Jutland at Skagen but en equally interesting group of artists travelled to the coastal landscapes around Nymindegab and Henne Strand to capture the unique landscapes, the special environment, the birdlife and the dramatic living conditions of the locals.

The museum displays a permanent collection of paintings with local motifs by these famous artist such as Lauritz Tuxen and Johannes Larsen. The art is displayed in combination with a cultural history exhibit of artifacts connected to the stark living conditions on the Danish West Coast.

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