Kristiansminde Cheese Dairy, Hodde, Denmark

    Bette Kristian

Kristiansminde Cheese Dairy

Bio-dynamic gourmet cheese farm dairy 

Husband and wife team Vagn and Hanne Borg together with dairyman Jesper Valsted hand craft a series of bio-dynamic cheeses at this small farm dairy now owned by Naturmælk. The cheeses produced are all of the Danish Havarti variety made with bio-dynamic hay milk from cows that are not fed with silage, but with hay and fresh grass on pastures with additional herbs. The milk is treated as gently as possible and is pasteurised at low temperature, 63 degrees Celsius, for half an hour to maintain as much natural flavour and character. The cheeses from Kristiansminde are popular with leading Danish chefs, especially Bocuse d’Or bronze, silver and gold winner Rasmus Kofod who’s Restaurant Geraniumin in Copenhagen holds two Michelin Stars and favours bio dynamic produce.

The cheese is crafted gently by hand according to old Danish tradition to four varieties all with natural rind and fine looking light yellow colour. As the cheese curds are fished out of the whey by hand after curdling, and   not force pressed, the cheese gets an airy texture with a structure of fine holes.

The varieties all bare the name Kristian after Vagn´s grandfather Kristian Borg who originally owned the farm. The taste is deliciously complex and slightly salty with the characteristic white mould flavour from the rind. Gule Kristian is a salt washed semi-soft cheese with a pure buttery cheese flavour. Bette Kristian is washed in herbal tea from elderflower. Røde Kristian is a Bacteria Linens smeared (red mould ) distinct flavoured semi-soft cheese. Finally Hodde Kristian is a pressed semi-hard cheese made with an extra Emmenthaler starter culture and matured for a minimum of 6 months. Hodde Kristian has a clean slightly delicate lemony taste with hints of hazelnut and a slightly smoky aftertaste and took home the Biocaseus gold medal in 2012 as the best European semi-hard 4- 8 month old cheese in Europe.


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