Arla Unika Raw Milk Cheese "Kry" from Tistrup Dairy

 Tistrup Cheese Dairy – Affinage Centre Unika

Arla Unika Raw Milk Cheese "Kry" from Tistrup Dairy


Denmark’s oldest functioning co-operative dairy with brand new cheese ripening centre 

Tistrup cheese dairy was founded in 1883 and is Denmark’s oldest producing cooperative cheese dairy. The cheeses are still made using the the same principles and recipe as they did 40 years ago, and a 40-year old living culture is used in the production. Traditional cheesecloth is used to wrap the cheese ensuring a good strong crust.

In 2002 the Nordic dairy corporation ARLA started making small exceptional limited batches of Nordic speciality cheeses swayed by and in co-operation with Denmark’s best chefs to be served in their restaurants. 17 different cheeses are produced at ARLA owned dairies in Denmark and Sweden.

Three of these exceptional cheeses are produced in Tistrup: “Kry” an unpasteurised Lait Cru cheese produced in a custom-built micro-dairy, “Kornly” which is stored in rye kernels a historic way of storing cheese and ”Havgus”a single farm cheese made from milk from cows grazing in the Wadden Sea marshlands. In 2014 Tistrup Dairy opened “Affinage Centre Unika” in order to create optimal environments and microclimates to experiment with the maturation and storage of these outstanding cheeses. The appointed affineur, humorously known as the cheese-whisperer, gives the ageing cheeses his constant attention, turning, brushing and rubbing the cheeses with hempseed oil and ensuring each cheese type has the optimal ripening conditions. You can purchase Tistrup Dairy’s various cheeses in a small shop on the premises and select specialty food shops in the region.

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