Enghavegaard Cheese Dairy, Billum, Denmark


Enghavegaard Cheese Dairy

One-man craft cheese dairy 

 The New Nordic food movement has created a demand for Danish exclusive handcrafted cheeses. The countries best chefs are particularly fond of cheese from this one-man dairy. The dairy is nestled in the Wadden Sea National park on the banks of Varde River estuary. Here Henrik Walther-Larsen for the past 12 years magically turns 2.000 liters of milk from Friesian cows to 200 kilogrammes of tasty Danish variety cheese three days a week Monday to Friday. Thursday and Friday you will find Henrik in the small on premises cheese shop, were you can buy his produce with select other cheeses.

Henrik´s cheese differ totally from the large dairies produce. His cheeses are matured on pine shelves in a temperature-controlled storeroom with a living red mould Bacterum Linens culture for 3 – 9 months depending on type. Henrik nurses  the cheese while they are ripening. He turns them daily by hand and washes them with the Bacterum Linens red smear. The cheeses all have a natural crust. Henrik makes the traditional farm varieties Samsø and Svenbo cheeses, that are popular on the typical Danish breakfast rolls rundstykker or on a good piece of Danish Rye.

However, it is his speciality cheeses that make locals pilgrimage to the farm. Skallingen is a semi-hard cheese mature for 9 months with a sweet nutty aroma and named after the nearby nature reserve peninsular. Ho Porse is a cheese washed in bog-myrtle schnapps or Mjød, an ancient Viking type of beer. Ho Holme is a cheese rubbed with Rondo grape pomace, the leftover seeds and skins from wine production at the Danish Winery Nordlund.


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