Fanø Bryghus, Fanø, Denmark


Fanø Bryghus

Excellent craft beer brewery on the idyllic Wadden Sea island of Fanø.

Fanø brewery was started by a group of beer enthusiasts on the Wadden Sea island of Fanø in 2006 in the islands disused power plant. Over 3.500 locals become small shareholders. Unfortunately the operation was not economical sustainable and Fanø Bryghus closed two years later in 2008.

In 2009 the brewery was purchased by a local investor and put back in to operation. The small brewery the following years employed creative, innovative and passionate American brewers and daily management was put into the hand of Claus Winther together they quickly built up a great reputation for some of the best quality small batch craft beer in Denmark. The brewery also became popular with gypsy brewers such as famed Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing and his brother of Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller that produced a number of limited edition and one-off beers on Fanø. Jeppe of Evil Twin amoung other developed beers in collaboration with NOMA exclusively for the restaurant in Copenhagen.

In 2013 Fanø Bryghus reached the top 50 list of the best breweries in the World rated by Rate Beer in addition to the gypsy breweries of Mikkeler and Evil Twin who also mad the grade.

Fanø Bryghus regular varieties are: Fanø Rav a golden, dry and slightly aromatic unfiltered pilsner named after amber, the semi-precious fossilized resin from trees often found on west Danish beaches. Fanø Lynghvede (heather wheat beer) a slightly hazy golden wheat beer with heather, and heather honey, lavender, chamomile flowers and orange peel. Fanø Stormflod a super rich soft and round milk chocolate stout. Fanø Vadehav an American inspired brown ale. Fanø Vestkyst a very popular Indian Pale Ale. Fanø Havgus a Session IPA with only 2.7% alcohol, a super beer for a good Danish Lunch or for thirst quenching on a hot summers day. Finaly the island brewery brews two seasonal beers Fanø Forår (spring) a crispy Bock and Fanø Julebryg (Christmas beer) a porter with notes of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. The brewery has a small bar on the premises allowing your to savour the beers and some of the rarities close to source. FANØ2 FANØ3 FANØ5

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