Varde Ådal Lamb, Alslev, Denmark


 Varde Ådal Lamb Organic lamb grazed on the wet meadows of the Varde River Valley as part of wet grassland preservation

Varde Å (river) is the only river in the Wadden Sea National Park that is not regulated with floodgates, so the meadows are natural flooded in periods, with nutrient rich brackish water from Ho Bay. The flooding naturally fertilises the meadows making them excellent organic grazing land for sheep. Varde Ådal Lamb´s 400 mother-sheep with their lambs in turn maintain this river estuary grassland conserving the open character of these important habitats for breeding birds and meadow plants.

For part-time farmers Torben and Eva Kousgaard and their three sons animal welfare is paramount and the slaughter of the lambs is done with the slightest amount of stress to the animals. The resulting lamb from the mixed breed Dorset and Texel breed gives a delectable, delicate flavoured and well-structured meat that is preferred and sourced by some of Denmark’s best chefs including Paul Cunningham at the nearby Henne Kirkeby Kro.

Torben together with his butcher also produces a series of delicious charcuterie, such as sausages, cured meats, pâtés, and the cold cut Danish speciality of spiced lamb meat roll, a favourite on open face sandwiches Smørrebrød”. vål2 vål3 vål4 vål6 vål7 currated 8

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