Sønderho Kro, Sønderho, Fanø


Sønderho Kro, Sønderho, Fanø

Well-preserved and authentic historic Danish Inn with rustic charm. The inn has been in continuous operation since 1722

 The almost 300 year old inn was built buy reverend Christian Engelstoft . The Inn today stands pretty much as when it was built. The inn and the village of Sønderho are steeped in history and full of nostalgia. The inn, like the other surrounding picturesque thatched houses, lay low behind the dykes with the gables facing east west for protection against the sometime strong western winds. Inside the inn the heritage of the place is omnipresent. Along the ceiling you can see a 21 metre long wooden strutting beam, rumour has it that it is the keel from a British warship that stranded on the island, and most of the other wood used in the build is driftwood washed ashore. The walls are adorned with century old paintings depicting the colourful life og the locals. A small back door with the inscription ” God save my entrance and exit” is said to come from reverend Engelstofts church. The Ribe clock dating from 1767 is built in to the wall with a clock-face in two rooms, and there are so many more quaint details all over the place.

Today the inn is run by chef Jakob Sullested. Jakob serves up an enchanting seasonal menu based on predominately organic local produce spiced up with island foraged wild beach herbs and plants.

In separate houses surrounding the main inn there are 14 comfortable and cosy rooms that all have names after ships from Fanø illustrious maritime past.

Visit: Sønderho Kro

Photos: Claes Bech Poulsen SonderhoKro 4 SonderhoKro 1 SonderhoKro 2 SonderhoKro 3_S2U2870 _S2U2740HG 52 HG 45 HG 44   _S2U2850 _S2U2727_S2U2896

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