Blåvandshuk Lighthouse, Blåvand, Denmark


Blåvandshuk Lighthouse
Marks Denmark’s Westernmost point

Blåvand lighthouse was built in 1899 perched on top of the tallest dune at Denmark Westernmost point. The lighthouse, a so-called approach light, was built to ensure ships safe passage in to Esbjerg Harbor avoiding the traitorous Devils Horn Reef of the coast, that previously had caused many a shipwreck.

Today you can take the 170 stairs to the top of the 39 meter tall lighthouse. There is a fantastic view from the platform surrounding the 400 watt lamp. You can see the North Sea Nature Park and Kallesmærsk Heath to the North and the Wadden Sea National park to the South. 14 km out to sea you can see the 171 wind turbines comprising the Horns Rev Wind Farm that supply’s 350.000 households with electricity.

You can also see a neat exhibit about the Horns Rev Wind Farm and Denmark’s focus on clean renewable wind energy that today covers 39 percent of Denmark’s energy consumption. This is the highest percentage share in the World. By 2020 the goal is to reach 50 percent.

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