Chhat Food & Wine, Blåvand, Denmark


Chhat Food & Wine

Stylishly rustic locavore brasserie in the Danish West Coast resort Blåvand 

When the next door building to the popular delicatessen Hr. Skov came up for lease in 2012, Claus Skov  had the idea to create the ideal homely and fuss-free restaurant. The building located in the popular West Coast resort town Blåvand, used to be used as the village school gym. Claus and his friend Henrik Poulsen and a few other partners took on the task of refurbishing the building to create a stylishly modern casual Danish restaurant with artistic yet rustic food . The aim was to create a relaxed restaurant with a young vibe and mood that they themselves would enjoy and could not find on the West Coast.

Henrik now runs Chhat. Chhat’s cuisine is a wholesome Danish take on simple French brasserie food with clear and fresh honest flavours and a focus on the best local ingredients.

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