Stauning Whisky Distillery, Stauning, Denmark


Stauning Whisky Distillery

Danish micro craft whisky distillery considered the best European single malt and rye whisky producer outside of Scotland and Ireland

Nine whisky enthusiasts founded Stauning craft whisky distillery in 2005. The small distillery is located on a farm close to the town of Skjern. The 10-year-old distillery has in a short time produced a series of remarkable whiskies that have won national and international acclaim. Two whiskies from the micro distillery have won Whisky Magazine awards in 2014 for the best European Rye Whisky under 7 years and for the best European Single Malt outside of Scotland and Ireland.

The distillery offers visitors behind the scenes tours for an up close and personal experience of whisky production. Taking in all the sights and smells of the distillation process. The malting is done on location in the traditional way on malting floors were a controlled germination of the barley or rye takes place after which the germination is stopped by drying the grain in a kiln after which the malted barley is ground to grist. The gist is mixed with the pure west Danish water to a mash that then is fermented and distilled into the three types of famous amber colored spirit produced traditional single malt, peated single malt and rye whisky. The tours end with a tasting of the various whiskies produced.

Acclaimed Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen stocks all of Stauning Distillery’s whiskies.

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