Øselund Gedeosteri, Øselund, Denmark


Øselund Gedeosteri Award winning family run organic craft goats cheese producer

This small-scale goats cheese producer is located on a beautiful situated farm outside the town of Varde. Verner and Barbera Sønderby and their 5 children all take part in the care of the about 500 large docile natured white dairy goats of the Swiss Saanen breed.The craft cheese production is organic and natural, the goats milk is only added starter culture and rennet. The varieties produced are: Gede-Stjerne a hard compact ivory-white cheese of Sardo type, Gede-Drøm a mild semi-hard and smear ripened cheese of Tilsit type, Gede-Pfeta a slightly grainy brined curd cheese perfect for a Greek salad that won gold medal at the Nordic Cheese Festival in Svendborg in 2014, the Pfeta also comes in a herb spiced version called Gede-Pfeta Pikant, and finally an excellent slightly tangy and creamy brie style goats cheese.

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