The Nature Kitchen – Danish Outdoor Cooking


The Nature Kitchen (Naturkøkkenet) Two out door chefs on fire.

The New Nordic Chefs in Copenhagen bring the Nordic nature to their restaurant tables and share a story of the wonderful landscapes the ingredients come from. Two West Danish Chefs offer a more brave and authentic approach and bring the kitchen and the restaurant out into the nordic nature with the concept Naturkøkkenet, The Nature Kitchen. Chefs Preben Madsen and Henrik Houborg have made a name for themselves preparing primal rustic and delicious alfresco meals cooked outdoors only using a whole lot of wood burned fire.

The Nature Kitchen offers naturally fire cooked meals set in the landscapes from where the pristine ingredients offered come from. Cooking using elements of wood fire and smoke infuses a rich flavour, texture and a unique taste in the food and dining under the wide-open skies in the natural splendour of the Wadden Sea National Park or the Danish North Sea Naturepark heightens your senses and gives for an impactful experience.

Preben and Henrik also share their knowledge of out-door cooking equipment and techniques with dinners so they themselves can approach this ancient way of cooking.


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