Vejen Kunstmuseum – Saxbo Stoneware Exhibition

Extensive exhibition of SAXBO Stoneware – Vejen Art Museum
Danish Art Pottery
25. April – 15. November 2015

Vejen Art Museum is dedicated to Danish Romanticism / Skønvirke (a Danish version of Art Nouveau) from around 1900. The principal artworks, including sculptures and ceramics, are by Niels Hansen Jacobsen (1861-1941). Vejen Art Museum was created as a home, workshop and museum for the sculptor to showcase art from the period. The memorial rooms feature interiors from the artist’s home.

From 25. April to 15. November 2015 the museum has an impressive exhibition of Danish Art Pottery from SAXBO Stoneware from private and museum collections.

During the 20th century – the golden age of Danish stoneware – “studio potters” were born. So called because they typically owned and worked in their own studios rather than at factories. During this period, Japanese art, the English Arts and Crafts Movement, and Scandinavian Romanticism provided inspiration; potters flourished individually and as part of newly formed collectives.

The most influential collective for ceramic arts – which would become the training ground for a generation of Danish potters – was Saxbo, founded by Nathalie Krebs (1895-1978) and Gunnar Nylund (1904-1989). Saxbo potters sought to master their art form and produce the very best ceramics. They worked in basic forms and specially formulated each glaze to conform perfectly to each vessel. Saxbo’s influence was far-reaching. Artists who worked at Saxbo include Huggo Lisbjerg, Johannes “Jais” Nielsen, Eva Sonne Bruun, Eva Stæhr-Nielsen, Gerd Bøglund, and Axel Salto.

Ribe 561 Ribe 562 Ribe 564 Ribe 565 Ribe 566 Ribe 567Ribe 570 Ribe 571 Ribe 572 Ribe 573

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