Café Stranden, Henne Strand, Denmark


Café Stranden, Henne Strand

Beach-front brasserie-style restaurant off high culinary standard run by iconic and eminent chef Hans Beck Thomsen.

The celebrated and prominent Danish chef Hans Beck Thomsen opened this brasserie when he still owned and headed famed Henne Kirkeby Kro. After opening this more casual and relaxed seating restaurant and café he sold Henne Kirkeby Kro to billionare Flemming Skouboe, and now is solely at the helm of Café Stranden.

The restaurant is beautifully set between the sand dunes overlooking the stunning North Sea, as one of a few eateries with sea view on the Danish West Coast. In the summer the restaurant is open everyday for lunch, dinner or just a cold beverage, cup of coffee or an ice cream cone with Beck Thomsens homemade ice cream and sherbets.

Hans Beck Thomsen´s pedigree is reflected in the impeccable technique and clever use of the carefully sourced quality local produce usually decorated and flavoured with wild and edible flowers and plants making his brasserie food so good and comforting.

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