Kellers Badehotel & Spisehus, Fanø Bad, Denmark

Charming and cosy beach hotel and dinning room at Fanø Bad
with a 
whole lot of soul and warmth

This amiable and homely petite beach hotel and dining room is run by husband and wife team Lars and Sanne Sejerup. Originally back in the late 19th century the place was a Bakers’ confectionery situated in, what was then, the highly fashionable Fanø Vesterhavsbad surrounded by grand seaside hotels, boarding houses and magnificent wooden coastal villas, and a links golf course. Only this building, a few of the magnificent villas and the golf course remains today giving a faint glimpse of Fanø’s turn of the century seaside resort grandeur.

The Badehotel offers six good value rooms with Nordic coastal style interiors and south facing terraces. This is a perfect place to get a good nights sleep and a fantastic breakfast on the island.

In the Spisehus dinning room chef Lars Sejerup dishes up honest and authentic takes on Danish lunch and dinner classics, with a real homemade and genuine feel and the best possible flavours all based on select local and seasonal ingredients.

On top of the old piano you will find 20 varieties of spiced snaps (akvavit) they are all well worth trying on there own or with a traditional Danish lunch with home baked rye bread and herring.

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