Canadian chocolatier dedicated to pleasure and excellence and bringing out the best of Valrhona chocolate paired with select local flavorings and ingredients from the Wadden Sea area creating an authentic and unique taste.

In a disused kitchen in a 160-year-old back yard iron factory in the center of Denmark’s oldest town Ribe a young ambitious Canadian National is creating a sweet and delectable revolution. Timothy Ibbitson, a Michelin restaurant trained chef and award-winning baker now has thrown his enthusiasm and mastery on creating unique and aromatic local based fillings enrobed in Valrhona chocolate. Tim is a master of taste and produces the most delicious ganaches and filled chocolates. He has been producing his most beautiful selection under the brand name Temper Chocolate since May of 2015.

The wonderful Jedsted honey and butter and cream from nearby artisan dairy Jernved are amoung the staples of the fillings together with Wadden Sea salt. Other ingredients such as a dark walnut aquavit, sweet cicely from a secret location in Ribe, Danish strawberries, cherry wine, nuts and handmade marcipan create a set of unique flavor sensations all carefully paired with select aromatic world class Valrhona chocolate varieties.

Temper chocolates are sold at nearby Postgaarden and other select outlets in the region.

Manjari+64%+Bar+Temper+Chokolade Kirsebær+Vin+Temper+Chokolade+(2) Honning+og+Hasselnødder+Temper+Chokolade+(2)DSC_7514 1 


DSC_7535 DSC_7532 DSC_7530 DSC_7540

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