Clay – Museum of Ceramic Art, Middelfart, Denmark

Beautiful museum set in a stunning villa showcasing the finest  ceramic arts, porcelain, earthenware and faience representing the best of Denmark’s unique artistic craftsmanship tradition.

This stunningly beautiful museum CLAY is situated in the amusingly named Middelfart on the western shores of the island Funen. It is located in one of the oldest villas in Denmark dating back to 1857 with grounds overlooking Lillebælt, the stretch of water separating Jutland from Funen. From the grounds you can see both bridges joining the island to the peninsular.

The impressive and beautifully presented collection is a treasure-trove of world renowned Danish ceramic art, porcelain, earthenware and faience showcasing the Danish craftsmen and artists talent in working these mediums to perfection.

The museum was started in 1994 buy a group of enthusiastic and passionate ceramic artists. The Villa was expanded with 1.500 m2 new stunning exhibition rooms both above and below ground in 2015 to encompass a gift collection of 55.000 items from the famous crafts companies Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grøndahl and Aluminia.


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