Stoneware by ceramic artist Kirsten Winther Johannsen, Henne Stationsby Denmark


Ceramic artist Kirsten Winther Johannsen has been crafting her uniquely designed double-fired stoneware since 1970 and still turns out distinctive and ornate masterpieces with monochrome geometric patterns in her home studio in Henne Stationsby in West Jutland.

It is immediately noticeable that these stone ware objects are meticulously crated by an extremely talented and experienced artisan. It is almost hypnotic watching Kirsten work.   First the stoneware clay is kneaded and speedily turned to classical shaped, vases, bowls, jugs or cups.

Then the items are dried and the raw items burnt a first time at 950°c. After which the stoneware is glazed using a feldspar glaze that after firing gives a pure off-white uniform colour. After the glaze has dried  an exact and accurate framework of symmetrical helplines is drawn on with pencil by eye sight alone without using stencils and the items are meticulously decorated with oxides by hand with a brush in tight geometric patterns with inspiration from ethnographical patterns from Africa and else where. The decorative patterns are monochrome in either black or dark slate blue. Then they are burnt again at 1280°c.

At her home and workshop Kirsten also has a small showroom where you can purchase her strikingly fine craft, that looks great in all types of interiors..


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