Artist René Holm, Esbjerg, Denmark


In his backyard studio in Esbjerg artist René Holm shows that oil painting still can be a significant and relevant art medium in a world of mutated art and art forms. With his stylized and expressive depictions hinterlands and people that diverge from societies norm and prevailing complacent way of life he flaunts that oil painting is not a dying medium.

As a young man in the 80´s Holm started  as the street and graffiti artist “CHUNG”, but over the last decade he has artistically worked through a series of thematic series of oil paintings that has progressed him to a more pictorial, expressive and distinctive artistic universe.

In his ever-changing themes his social indignation is expressed and he confronts us with narratives about sullied human destinies we normally do not wish to face. He focuses on people living outside of societies norm such as the homeless, exploited factory workers, white trailer trash, the lonely and depressed. His paintings however do not make us turn away in fear of disgust, as the most human element, the face, is eradicated from the pictures making these depictions of life at the bottom of society approachable, permeable and visually captivating. The disdain human ghosts are also set in Holm´s parallel universe an eerie Nordic noir nature back drop of mostly dark birch forest. The natural setting also lowers our barricades and we are defenselessly confronted with the uncivilized in modern civilization.

In his most recent series “The Time Travel” Holm takes you on a figurative journey in time. Photographer Dines Aagaard large series of early studio photographic portraitures of citizens of the town of Kolding from the later half of the 19th century fascinates Holm. Holm takes these figures does away their stoical austere faces and sets them in his characteristic parallel universe natural settings somewhere outside of time making us confront these ghosts of the past and their lives.

René Holm is represented in Copenhagen by

Gallery Hans Alf



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