Hygge holiday in Danish Coastal Cabin, Jutland​ West Coast, Blåvand, Henne, Vejers, Denmark


Take a leisurely walk along the pristine white sandy beaches. Cuddle up indoors and light candles and the fireplace, warm up cocoa and  cinnamon buns, curl up under a wooly blanket, play a board game, read a good book, snack on quality Danish chocolate and liquorice candy, cook with local produce and live the Danish concept of cosy togetherness and quality time “Hygge” in a self-catering coastal holiday cottage.

2016 was the year that Danish hygge became a global lifestyle phenomenon adopted by hoards of disgruntled westerners after an excess of international books, magazine and newspaper articles and television programmes showed the world how hygge contributes to continuously keep Denmark at the top of worldwide happiness and quality of life surveys. Hygge also became a canonized defining Danish Value by the Danish Ministry of Culture together with gender equality and freedom and seven other values.

The Danish holiday cottages are the epitome of hygge to the Danes and over a quarter of a million Danes own their own holiday home. They all have an intimacy with their natural surroundings. A Danish seaside dwelling is ultimately an open door to nature. They are places more than houses. The beach house world becomes unencumbered and life slows down so that you can catch up with those who mean most to you. Time itself seems to go slower and the hygge life becomes a series of breaks. You can escape the superficial hustle and bustle of city-life and pull out the plug and let the quiet embrace you.

Jutland’s naturally stunning West coast with the coastal islands Rømø and Fanø and the coastal resorts, Blåvand, Henne Strand, Vejers Strand, Nymindegab, Houstrup, Bjerregård, Hvide Sande and Søndervig offers a wide-range of Beach Holiday Cottages with an open door to nature, where you can get away from it all, unwind and relax and take in the beautiful coastal landscapes and invigorating sea air. The vast vistas and un-spoilt nature relaxes your eyes, stretch your vision and expands your horizon.

You really get to experience the soothing peace and quiet in the winter months December, January and February and the rental rates are particularly advantageous this time of year.


dsc_7533-1dsc_7530-1dsc_7496-1dsc_7510dsc_7728dsc_7527dsc_7552dsc_8294-1dsc_7572dsc_7566dsc_7564dsc_7555dsc_7573dsc_7589dsc_7591dsc_7584Coastal Cabin Henne Strand and Blåvand on Denmarks West Coast


Photos and text : Colin Seymour

Closest Airport Billund BLL

Thanks to:


Featured Holiday Cottage at Henne Strand from Admiral Strand Holiday Home Rental
Local delicacies from Hr.Skov in Blåvand
Interior design elements from invi2 in Henne Strand
Groceries and fire wood from Købmand Hansen Henne Strand
Artisan chocolates from Summerbird Organic and liquorice from Johan Bülow
Artisan beers from Hr. Skov and Kloster Bryggeriet
Stauning Whisky

Danish design elements from:

Ro Collection
Lyngby  Porcelain
Lucie Kaas
Lykketrold by Sommer

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