Ceramic artist Kirsten Holm, Hinnerup, Denmark


Natures beauty exquisitely enhanced.

 Danish ceramic master-class artist Kirsten Holm intricately and sensitively expands the natural raw beauty of beach finds such as eroded oyster shells pebbles and fossilized sea urchins creating unique pieces of ceramic art.

Kirsten Holm has a deep felt appreciation of natural objects, found mostly on the beaches of Læsø, and their crude organic ingenuous integrity eroded by the sea and wind. With a distinctive and stunning wabi-sabi aesthetic she deeply senses the essence of nature’s unpredictable expressiveness in the items she collects and interprets and organically expands this expression in her beautiful muffle furnace fired pots The pots are then spliced with the natural source material as they complete the pots as lids creating a lucid connection between the natural creation and the human crafted.

From 13th January – 26th February you can experience Kirsten Holms craft in the exhibition  “Fra Havet” (From The Sea) arranged by Varde Kunstforening at Museum Frello in Varde


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