Hr. Skov, Blåvand, Denmark

Artisan Danish food producer, delicatessen retailer and gourmet cafeteria using the local nature as a larder.


Husband and wife team Claus and Henny Skov opened their delicatessen and gourmet cafeteria Hr. Skov in the key Danish West Coast resort of Blåvand in 2007 bringing a passion and enthusiasm for food and drink to the town.  The couples discerning taste and first-rate attention to quality make this a special place full of their hand-picked treats. Henny and Claus use the local West Danish countryside as their extended larder were they harvest the best nature has to offer of wild herbs, berries and fruit for their various preserves, condiments, and jams and as flavourings in their own famed beers and aquavits. The store also offers a first-rate selection of foodstuffs and drink from all over Denmark, together with select top quality international goods.

The store’s meat and cheese counters let you savour a wide range of local small dairy speciality cheeses and a range of superior cuts of beef, lamb and pork from select Danish farmers. The Aal Plantation forest grazed Belted Galloway beef is exceptionally lean, tender and full of flavour. Hr. Skov’s wine department tempts wine buffs with an impressive cellar listing of labels and the spirits grotto presents speciality spirits from around the world.

The gourmet cafeteria on the first floor offers dinners the possibility to enjoy a selection of light meals on the premises that include a gourmet cheese and cold cut meats and charcuterie plate. They also offer diners the further advantage of enjoying a bottle of fine wine, craft beer and soft drink at store price plus a small corkage fee.

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