Kongeå Chicken and Farm Shop, Vejen, Denmark

Pastured slow growth organic chicken with naturally formed meat of highest quality and superior taste.


Vibeke and Kim Skov and their three young boys Niels, Karl and Aksel live on the beautiful small farm Aagaard 300m from the Kongeå (river) close to Vejen between Kolding and Esbjerg. After they acquired the Swedish looking farm with it´s charming classic Falu red painted wooden farmhouse they choose to start up small-scale pastured poultry rearing, alongside their day jobs and have been doing this for the past three years. The family is determined to provide an alternative to the fast grown conventional chickens that constitute 99 percent of the Danes consumption of chicken. A conventional chicken has a short enclosed indoor life sharing 1 square meter of space with 19 other chickens and never seeing daylight and is slaughtered after 5 weeks.

On Aagaard the chickens live the good life. The day-old chicks are reared indoors for 3 weeks and are gradually introduced to pasture feeding and the outdoor life as their feather growth and the weather allows. All the chicks come from the Danish hatchery Topæg in Viborg. Topæg has been pioneers in starting an alternative Danish chicken production of slow growth chicken eggs from organic parent birds. The Hubbard breed CYJA57 reared as Kongeå Chicken are crossbred for the pesticide-free meat market with exceptional rusticity and slow growth in mind so that they thrive outdoors in the Scandinavian climate. The mix of Color Yield and Hubbard JA57 broilers grow slowly over 11 weeks. After 11 weeks of good and natural living, the whole flock of 2500 birds is slaughtered at Raunsmed Organic Poultry Processing. The hens have reached an average weight of  1,8 kg. and the cockerels 2,3 kg   The slow free-range growth gives a better-formed meat with a healthier fatty acid composition in the meat together with a superior flavour.

You can buy Konge Å Chicken in the farm shop on Aagaard every Thursday from 15:00 – 18:00 and at the farm shops at Varde Ådal Lamb and Susannesholm. Kongeå Chicken deliver to the following restaurants: Sønderho Kro & Kellers Badehotel on Fanø, Vester Vedsted Vingård near Ribe and Restaurant Herregårdskælderen at Sønderskov Manor in Brørup.

Kongeå Kylling (Chicken)
Kongeåvej 51
6600 Vejen


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