Hotel Utsikten Kvinesdal Short-break in “Little Norway”

The KVINESDAL municipality in Southern Norway is affectionately known as “Little Norway”. This is due to a similar map outline to that of the whole country. This is small-town Norway at is best and you can experience a wide selection of stunning landscapes with grand vistas and quaint small towns in just a few days. The Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal, sitting majestically 200 metres above sea level overlooking the Kvine River and the surrounding valley down toward the Feda Fiord is the perfect vantage point to explore the region.


fullsizeoutput_3115Kvinesdal sits in the southern part of Norway in between Kristiansand (distance 100 km) and Stavanger (distance 148 km). “Utsikten” literally means view in Norwegian and the Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal lives up to the pretentious name in full. This well-located piece of land was bought and named by one of Southern Norway’s best-known portrait and landscape artists Kristian Marcelius Førland. Førland had a small white wooden house and studio built on the site and he moved in with his wife Helga in 1923. The house is still there and is beautifully and respectfully restored to its original understated glory to now house the MARCELIUS FØRLANDS ARTMUSEUM. The museum is free and the enthusiastic guide Christine Aamodt offers an interesting introduction to the artist and his life and art.fullsizeoutput_3153









The first hotel and restaurant were erected on the site in 1935 as the Utsikten Turisthotel and Restaurant.


The hotel changed to the first motel in Norway in the early 1970s. The owners had family ties to the US and brought the motel idea over the Atlantic. Apparently, 90 pct. of the population here has family ties to the United States and 10 pct are US citizens. This is due to the fact that there was an immense emigration from the region to the USA in the late 19th Century all the way up until the 1970s. Extraordinarily many of the emigrants returned to Norway and American Culture is now prevalent all over the region.


In 1990 the new 84 room Hotel Utsikten was erected on the site with all new rooms offering magnificent views. 24 of the rooms are suites with small kitchenettes and balconies and some of these are family-friendly with 4, 6 or even 8 beds. All rooms are equipped with comfortable quality Jensen beds.









Great start to the day with Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal´s sumptuous breakfast buffet.



The hotel’s restaurant offers the same grand view as the rooms from the ground floor with a wood deck terrace. The food offerings are few but well-chosen with sufficient variation and excellent tasting based on select locally sourced ingredients.











In 2019 the property was acquired by property developer Kurt Mosvold and banker Svein Hermansen together with hotelier Agnes Berntsen who brings her characteristic dedication and drive to the hotel and she and her team have given the hotel a small makeover.

Hotel Manager and part-owner Agnes Berntsen

Close to the hotel, you can take a round of golf at the Utsikten Golfpark, one of Norway’s most beautiful championship-standard 18 and 9 hole courses in a woodland setting.


You can also fish for salmon in both the Kvine and the nearby Lygne Rivers.



The Kvinesdal region offers many good hiking trails. In the south along the seaside, the hiking tours are in hilly terrain from the shore and up to about 300 m above sea level. These trails end with stunning views over the fjords and sea. In the North, you will experience mountain scenery on the hiking trails. Here you can find marked trails of varying length and difficulty.  Maps can be obtained at the hotel reception

Buckle up for a day trip of hairpin turns, steep cliffs, and spectacular views along the southern Norwegian North Sea Route and visit the coastal communities and small towns of southern Norway.  Along this helter-skelter scenic route, it seems as though time has stood still and that all these small towns along the coast have yet to be touched by the frantic development taking place elsewhere in the worldWhite wooden houses, lighthouses, colourful boathouses and wharfside warehouses, farms and village centres dot the whole coast. The coast of southern Norway has a distinctive architectural style, and the coastal culture and its centuries-old traditions are still very apparent. 



Flekkefjord with the beautiful old-town houses and street art of the Hollender by quarter.




Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal

Utsikten, 4480 Kvinesdal

Tel: (+47) 38 35 88 00



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